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2018 Final Assessment Roll

S.T.A.R. exemption = School Tax Relief
 This exemption is applied to your School tax bill only.  It does not affect the County/Town tax bill you receive in January.
Assessment information is available at
Please contact the Assessor with questions regarding exemptions and address changes.


   We receive many requests for estimates of future tax bills.  The County and Town budgets that determine the tax rates for the January tax bill are not adopted until November.  School budgets (for the September tax bill) are adopted in May.

    Another unknown factor is your property tax exemptions; many must be renewed each year.  If you fail to renew, or your qualifications change, (perhaps due to an income change), it will affect the amount due.

    We strongly recommend you use prior years' tax bills as an approximate minimum.

Complaint on Real Property Assessment Form RP-524

Grievance Day is the fourth Tuesday of May.

If you desire an appointment, the completed RP-524 must be filed with the Assessor by the preceding Thursday.