Cemetery Manager: 

 Richard Brown


(Or you may contact the Town Clerk's office 315-673-4144)

The Town of Spafford, as the owner of three active cemeteries in the Town of Spafford, has adopted the following rules and regulations for said cemeteries.


Amended April 13, 2023
  • Borodino Cemetery is located on State Route 41 (aka East Lake Road), immediately west of 1752 State Route 41.
  • Spafford Cemetery is located on Cold Brook Road, between Route 41 and Willowdale Road
  • Cold Brook Cemetery is located on the west side of Cold Brook Road, just north of Allen Gay Road.

            The Town of Spafford is responsible for mowing and general maintenance of all three cemeteries.  At their Organizational meeting, the Town Board will appoint a Cemetery Manager to represent the Town.  This individual will report to the Town Supervisor.
            The Spafford Town Clerk will serve as record keeper for the cemeteries and perform clerical duties as needed regarding the sale of lots. Upon receipt of appropriate payment, the Town Clerk will sign and seal the lot deed, a copy of which will be kept on file by the Town Clerk.  The original deed will be provided to the buyer.
LOT SIZE:  4 ft. x 10 ft.
LOT PRICE: $475.00 per lot
  1. One regular burial per lot.  A vault or grave liner is required.

  2. Two cremations per lot.  No vault or grave liner is required.

  3. Four (4) corner markers will be purchased by the Town of Spafford and installed by the Cemetery Superintendent, (cost is included in lot price)

  4. Headstone/footstone foundations are to be done by stone company or individuals    

           (a) All foundations must be approved by the Cemetery Superintendent.
           (b) Foundations must have a base of at least one foot (1') of #1 stone covered with at least one foot (1') of cement. 
  1. Regular Burial Cost: $700 Monday - Friday; $800 Saturday, Sunday, holiday.

  2. Cremation Burial Cost: $400 Monday - Friday; $500 Saturday, Sunday, holiday.

  3. Any burial which involves exhumation of a vault followed by placement of the original and a second vault into the original plot will be charged double the burial fees at the time of the event. Be it further resolved charges will include the prevailing cost for removal of the original vault and placement of the second vault.

  4. The Town requests four days prior notice be provided to the Cemetery Manager for all interments.  Timing of the burials subject to availability of Cemetery Manager, backhoe and operator.  Cemetery Manager or his designee will supervise the opening and closing of the plot for all burials.

  1. NO glass containers

  2. NO trees or bushes

  3. Lot owner is responsible for headstone cleaning and repair

  4. Maximum number of lots that can be purchased by an individual is four (4) per year unless approved by the Town of Spafford. 

  5. The Cemetery Superintendent will meet with interested parties to show available areas.

 Winter Burials: By Town Board Resolution #15-2007 a fee of $750.00 will be charged for the opening of gravesites in the winter.  Said fee does not include the normal burial fee.  Any additional and unforeseen costs that may occur will be billed to the family at the contractor's hourly rate.  The classification of a burial as a winter burial will be determined by the Cemetery Manager with consideration for weather and ground conditions.
Conveyance of Cemetery Lots: By Town Board Resolution #89-2005 the Town Board has decided that it does not wish to repurchase lots from individual lot owners; and believes it to be in the public interest to permit cemetery lot owners to convey by sale or gift lots which they might own which are located in the cemeteries maintained by the Town of Spafford.   Therefore, individuals wishing to sell or convey lots on their own may do so, however, a Letter of Conveyance, which is available at the Spafford Town Clerk's Office, shall be duly executed and notarized with a copy of the deed attached thereto and filed with the Spafford Town Clerk.  

  • Convey Rules and Regulations
  • Explain costs associated with purchase of lots.
  • Work with existing maps to maintain accurate records of lot use.
  • Ensure applicable fees have been paid to the Town Clerk
  • Locate and stake lot for burial
  • Oversee burials (including cremated remains) and assist with parking
  • Acquire and install lot boundary markers
  • Oversee installation of foundations and headstones
  • Report maintenance and repair issues to the Town Supervisor
  • Mowing of all Town properties in compliance with the current contract specifications.

  In 2017 the mowing of all Town properties was bundled with the Cemetery Superintendent's duties and the job title was changed to "Cemetery Manager"