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    Local Laws

    Our goal is to make public information faster and easier.


     #1-2017 Short Term Rental (repeals & replaces #4-2016) 

    #5-2016   Tax Cap Override
    To override the tax levy limit established in General Municipal Law ยง 3-c in the Town of Spafford
    #4-2016   Short Term Rental
    To amend the Zoning Code of the Town of Spafford for the purpose of regulating the short term rental of homes
    #3-2016   Flood Damage Prevention 
     Amending Local Law No. 2 of the Year 1990 to repeal the existing language and replace it with the following language relating to Flood Damage Prevention in the Town of Spafford as authorized by the New York State Constitution, Article IX, Section 2, and Environmental Conservation Law, Article 36
    #2-2016   Administrative Adjustments & Clarifications
    To Amend the Zoning Code of the Town of Spafford
    #1-2016   Borodino Landing 
    To Establish Fees and Rules for Commercial Use of Borodino Landing

    #3-2014   Sub Division Regulations (replacing 2011 regulations)
    Replacing #1-2014
    #1-2014  Creating Office of Town Constable

    #2-2013  Burns PDD-2

    #1-2013 Burns PDD-1  

    #2-2012 Hydrofracking Ban 2012

    #1-2012 Hydrofracking Moratorium 2012

    #1-2011 Sub Division Regulations

    Zoning Ordinance  Amended May 12, 2011

    #2008-5 Wind Energy Conversion Systems  

    #2008-4 Professional Services Reimbursement

    #2008-3 Pertaining to Unsafe Buildings and Structures

    #2008-2 Regarding the Determination of Value for Assessment Purposes of Converted Condominium Units

    Amending Local Law 2007-2 in Order to Require the Submission to the Building Department of an Additional Survey Following the Construction of a Foundation
    for any Structure that Requires a Building Permit

    LOCAL LAW 2007-2   

    LOCAL LAW 2007-1


    Copyright 2006


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